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Graphic Design

Fast Track your career in Graphic Design in just 3 months

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Code Hub System Bootcamp is the best platform for graphic designing course that is very effective to start a business and advertise it. If you want to start a freelancing or job, then it is the big opportunity for you to must join us to learn graphic designing.

Live Online Training

3 months Training

2 days per week classes

Course Modules

  • Principles and Theory of Graphic Design
  • Visual Design Communication
  • Design Thinking
  • Techniques to Design
  • Free Resources for Designing
  • Understanding use of Graphic Design software interface
  • Photoshop Basics to Intermediate
  • Adobe Illustrator Basics to Intermediate
  • Logo design
  • Branding Design
  • Mockups
  • Typography
  • Ui/Ux Basic Understanding
  • Adobe Indesign Basic overview
  • Introduction to Job Market
  • The next skills to learn
  • How you can polish your skills

Job Support

  • Team Collaboration
  • Hands-On Training
  • Situation Handling & Soft Skills
  • Managed Services Platform
  • Certification
  • CV Preparation
  • Demonstration & Presentation
  • Customer Communication
  • Interview Preparation
  • Students Success Assistance


What our Students say about Bootamp

This is an awesome course.Trainer has opened my eyes to the many wonderful possibilities of graphic design. She not only teaches graphic design but also will help you decide what niche is suitable for you. I am looking forward to take Trainer’s advanced graphic design course if they are providing.

Noor Ayyaz

Graphic Designer

Now I am done through the course, I am so impressed with trainer's approach and delivery, she's friendly, relaxed, but so knowledgeable and professional at the same time. Apart from the creative experience using certain functionality of Photoshop, ,Illustrator & Xd that I have never used before, understanding more of the psychology element behind designs is invaluable. Thank you Code Hub System.

shallow focus photography of woman outdoor during day
Maryam Rizwan

Graphic Designer