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The Internet of Things

Ensure IoT success with our expert Internet of Things plan, strategy, and products. Benefit from IoT security, AWS IoT, and cutting-edge IoT sensors.

IoT Consulting and Services by the people who Dream, Love and Think IoT Solutions
Embrace the potential of IoT solutions for business model innovation, enhanced productivity, and sustainability. Discover what's possible with IoT, including IoT security, AWS IoT, IoT sensors, and custom software solutions. Build resilient enterprises in an interconnected ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and customers, driving Google ranking and success.

Energy & utilities

Customers seek the most reliable metering connectivity and the highest level of smart meter security. Explore our IoT-powered solutions for enhanced metering performance, reliability, and cybersecurity.

Connected Cars

The market of aws iot cars is growing fast.

IoT Medical Devices

Privacy is paramount for doctors and patients using connected aws iot medical devices.

Alarm & Security System

Customers expect more of home security systems like security cameras.

Payment Terminals

The online payment ecosystem is becoming more complex. Stay ahead with secure online payment solutions and adapt to the evolving landscape of digital transactions.

Asset Tracking

Effective asset management is vital for growing fleets. Strengthen your operations with robust IoT asset tracking solutions to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Why work with Code Hub Systems?

We have vast IoT Expertise

Code Hub Systems brings together the drive for innovation, technical and engineering excellence and deep contextual knowledge across industries to help you build a boundaryless organization, enable quick and automated actions, and create rich experiences with a clear purpose.   

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Spring board your Company to Success

Avoid making mistakes, we have already made them for you. We have the experience to direct you through the right and shortest path to reach your goal.

What do we do?

IoT Consultancy

We Assess Projects, Plan, and give Direction all along the way.

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IoT Network Provider

Code Hub Systems delivers in-house IoT Hardware, Software, Online Platforms, Mobile Applications, and Networks. We are a one stop shop for all your Internet of Things needs.


IoT Solution Provider

We produce and provide several IoT Solutions Internationally. We also import and support other IoT Products.

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Online Services

We build Cloud Platforms, Mobile Applications and provide Data Analytics

Make your IoT solutions work perfectly

Code Hub Systems has been delivering result driven IoT solutions to clients all over the world.